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Cracow University of Technology

Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology  is a public university with a technical profile, which graduated nearly 80,000 students. Qualified research and teaching staff consisting of 1,200 outstanding specialists participating in the work of inter-university and international research teams, educates engineers and master engineers at a high level, so that they are able to meet the challenges of the national and world economy. The over 70-year tradition of educating the country’s engineering staff, as well as constant development and openness to changes are the greatest strengths of the Cracow University of Technology. We focus on the quality of education, giving students the most durable and valuable capital with which they enter the labor market – knowledge.

Conducting research is the basic, next to teaching, duty of state universities, especially technical universities. The Cracow University of Technology has been cooperating with economic entities from all over Poland for many years, especially with companies located in southern Poland. This cooperation consists in the implementation of research and development and routine research, primarily expert opinions and scientific opinions, as well as other forms of scientific and technical consulting (consultations, participation in scientific councils, expert groups, etc.). An important element of this cooperation is participation in the Cracow Technology Park as part of the Special Economic Zone in Czyżyny, Cracow.

Research and development activities are funded from the state budget (specific and targeted subsidies), from foreign funds (including the European Union), as well as from funds obtained from principals as remuneration for research and service work.

The RESHeat project is coordinated by the Department of Energy (DE) at the Cracow University of Technology. The Department of Energy conducts research and teaching in the field of advanced energy technologies. The DE provides technical solutions and advanced analyzes for a wide range of energy technologies, such as thermal energy, process engineering, clean coal technologies and renewable energy. The DE research team has extensive experience in process optimization and numerical modeling, which is valuable during the implementation of the project.

Prof. Paweł Ocłoń, from Department of Energy is a Scientific and Technical Coordinator of RESHeat project.

Role in the RESHeat project:

  • Project leader and coordinator,
  • Development and testing of software for the design of RESHeat hybrid RES systems,
  • Performance analysis and optimization of RESHeat systems for demonstration installations in Poland.


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