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Board of Municipal Buildings in Krakow (Municipality of Krakow)

The project participant is the Municipality of Krakow with its organizational unit – the Board of Municipal Buildings in Krakow (ZBK).

The core business of ZBK is the management of residential (including social) and utility premises and buildings owned by the Municipality of Krakow. The tasks of ZBK can be divided into the following basic areas:

1) day-to-day use of resources (ensuring the supply of utilities to managed buildings, insurance, maintenance of cleanliness, making available premises remaining in the resources by renting them, calculating and settling fees related to the use of premises, etc.)

2) renovation and modernization of buildings and premises managed by the unit.

The resources managed by ZBK differ in terms of technical condition, age and functions. The resources of ZBK include residential buildings, ranging from small 2-3 premises, through historic tenement houses in the city center, to large modern apartment blocks. In addition, the resources of ZBK include public buildings intended for the implementation of health services (health clinics) and commercial and service functions (commercial pavilions). ZBK also manages part of the forts of the former Kraków Fortress.

In recent years, the activities of ZBK have focused on the decommissioning of heating installations in buildings powered by solid fuels. By the end of 2019, ZBK liquidated all such installations in its buildings and premises. Currently, ZBK carries out activities related to the improvement of energy efficiency of managed buildings and the introduction of heat supply sources using RES. The RESHeat project is an opportunity to develop technical solutions that can be used by ZBK in the implementation of tasks related to the use of renewable energy sources in heating and providing hot water for buildings.

Role in the RESHeat project:

  • End user of the RESHeat system in Cracow.

Participation of ZBK In the Climate Panel of Cracow City (17.04.2021), Speech by Director Marcin Paradyż regarding ZBK and RESHeat Project (41:55-53:10)