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The CZAMARA company was founded in 1985 in Limanowa. The company offers comprehensive services in the field of industrial refrigeration, waste heat recovery systems and modern, emission-free heating installations using Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

CZAMARA provides comprehensive, modern and energy-saving solutions in the field of combined cooling and heating systems (CCH), including:

  • air cooling,
  • shock freezing,
  • contact freezing with plate freezers,
  • process heat recovery,
  • heat pumps,
  • underground energy storage.

The company’s position on the domestic market is well-established. It was developed through consistent building for over 25 years of operation. CZAMARA operates dynamically throughout the country and on foreign markets, mainly on the dynamically developing market of Eastern Europe. CZAMARA stands out from other companies, above all, with many years of proven customer relations, professional technical facilities and comprehensive service. Thanks to its experience, the CZAMARA company is able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Role in the RESHeat project:

  • Design and development of technical documentation for RESHeat demonstration installations in Poland (Kraków and Limanowa) and Italy (Palombara Sabrina, Roman province).
  • Experimental studies on demonstration installations to determine the efficiency of the system.
  • Development of a business model and assessment of the replication possibilities of the system.
  • Commercializing partner of RESHeat system 
  • Implementation of RESHeat system demosites in Poland and Italy
Presentation of CZAMARA Company