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ATER Provincia di Roma (ATER) is the public economic body of the Lazio region in Italy, managing public premises and residential (including social) buildings. The main statutory tasks of ATER include:

  1. Support for the Lazio Region, local authorities and private individuals in the design and implementation of housing interventions included in the reconstruction or conversion plans for buildings. ATER promotes urban planning provided for by applicable regulations, as well as the implementation of subsidized or self-financed construction interventions;
  2. Support for the Lazio region, local authorities and private persons in the design and implementation of public works related to public housing and not included in the programs referred to in point (a);
  3. Building management for public authorities or private entities;
  4. Research, recovery, experimentation and realization of traditional architecture models (also in low population density projects. ATER works with universities, cultural and research institutes, both public and private, and professional associations to apply innovative technologies in the field of renewable and alternative energy sources.
  5. Study, city planning and construction, maintenance management and territorial planning on behalf of public and private;
  6. ATER Province of Rome is also a design studio authorized by the regional government.

Role in the RESHeat project:

  • End user of the RESHeat system – Italian demosite