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Project results

The Results of Our Passion

Implementation of the project

D3.1. Report on the implementation of the database of RESHeat components and weather data (April 2022)

D4.1. Report on system integration for demonstration sites in Poland (April 2022)

D4.2. Report on energy efficiency measurements of the RESHeat system for demonstration plants in Poland (November 2024)

D4.3. System integration report for a demonstration site in Italy (April 2022)

D4.4. RESHeat energy efficiency measurement report for a demonstration plant in Italy (November 2024)

D5.1. Installation environmental impact assessment protocol (August 2023)

D5.2. RESHeat demonstration site assessment report (August t 2024)

D5.3. Proposal for measures to improve the carbon footprint assessment (August 2024)

D6.1. Dissemination and Communication Plan and Data Management Plan (May 2021)

D6.3. Guidelines for the replication and use of project results (March 2022)

D6.4. Report on dissemination of project results and communication (March 2022)

D7.2 Project results monitoring report (March 2022)

D7.3 Final report (November 2024)

Evaluation Meetings

First Evaluation Meeting, 11 July 2022 [Online]

During the meeting all the Working Packages were presented for the EU Officer and Project Monitor by Working Package Leaders. The recommendations have been provided on the improvements of:

•  RESHeat project demosites technical documentation,
•  the modeling and validation of RESHeat system components,
•  Implementation of RESHeat project demosites
•  Implementation of Dissemination and Exploitation activities
•  Project management

The demosites are actually in progress. Part of the installation has been done both in Cracow and Limanowa. It is expected that those demosites will be completed in 2022 year, to allow full two years of experimental investigations of RESHeat system performance. The implementation of a demosite in Palombara-Sabrina (Italy) is planned for the beginning of 2023 year. The agenda of the evaluation meeting is as follow: