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ELFRAN Franciszek Ścisłowicz

The ELFRAN company was established in December 1989 as a sole proprietorship by Mr. Franciszek Ścisłowicz.

The company has over 25 years of experience in designing as well as in the production, selection and operation of solar and photovoltaic installations, both stationary and sun-tracked.

In the field of renewable energy, ELFRAN offers the following solutions:

  • ELFRAN-Revolution – i.e. a vacuum solar collector with focusing mirrors and a system that follows the sun.
  • Cooling system for standard PV modules.
  • Dual axis solar collector with PV and PVT modules.
  • Design and construction of renewable energy installations for both individual customers and companies.

The ELFRAN company has over 25 years of experience, has built over 243 renewable RES installations. It is also the owner of eight national patents for RES installations and components.

Role in RESHeat project:

  • Manufacturing of sun tracked PVT and solar collectors for demosites in Poland and Italy
  • Promotion of sun-tracked PVT ad solar collectors in Central European market


Movie presenting ELFRAN company: