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RESHeat Results – The Most Important Publications In 2022

    We would like to inform that the following most important papers related to RESHeat project development have been published in 2022 year:

    1.  Zhang, S., Ocłoń, P., Klemeš, JJ, Michorczyk, P., Pielichowska, K., Pielichowski, K. , 2022,  Renewable energy system for building heating, cooling and electricity production with thermal energy storage , Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 165, 112560. [IF = 15.9]

    2. Bartyzel, F., Wegiel, T., Kozień-Woźniak, M., Czamara, M., 2022,  Numerical simulation of operating parameters of the ground source heat pump , Energies, 15, 383. [IF = 3.2]

    3 Varbanov, PS, Chin, HH, Klemeš, JJ, Ocłoń, P., Zhang, S., 2022, Potential of solar powered underground heat waste utilization in total site heat integration , in: 2022 7th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies (SpliTech), Split / Bol, Croatia, 05 – 08 July 2022, 1 – 6, IEEE Publisher

    The most important scientific articles published in 2022 year related to RESHeat project